Your guide for a safe, fun day in accordance with government COVID-19 social distancing rules

We are all well aware of the COVID-19 virus situation, but at the same time we all want to get back to normal and that includes having some fun. You and your family want to enjoy a great day out and, by being here, accept the situation and the responsibility we all share.
We are introducing a whole bundle of safety measures, which you can read about below. All of our safety measures will be applied in association with our local authorities and trade bodies, in order to make your day out as safe as possible.

Your responsibility

We would love you to visit, but please don’t if you have any symptoms that could be COVID-19 or if you are vulnerable or have underlying health issues.
We will turn anyone away who may be showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Soft Play

Our soft-play areas have now re-opened for use. Extensive risk assessments have been carried out to ensure the safety of our guests and staff at all times. The following measures will be introduced:

In line with government instructions, the balls have been removed from the ball pits
A limit of 40 people for Play Stack and 10 people for Play Pod
Track & Trace forms will be completed on arrival
Social Distancing markings are in place throughout the areas. Please be sure to adhere to these.
During busier periods, such as weekends, sessions will be restricted to 10 minutes at a time, although muliple sessions are permitted. This will not be in place during quiet weekdays.
Staff will be roaming the soft play, constantly cleaning

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is now a legal requirement to wear facial coverings in Adventure Inside, unless you are younger than 11 years old or medically exempt.

Increased Sanitisation and Cleaning

As standard, there will be a massive increase to our already excellent cleaning and sanitisation efforts. We will be applying a food-safe, weather resistant antibacterial undercoat to all rides and frequently touched areas, including our soft play areas. This will cling to the surface and act as a safety blanket for 30 days. We will be re-applying this every 20 days to ensure it is always present.
On top of this, we will be briefly pausing the rides every 2 hours for sanitising.


Our toilets have always been constantly manned and this will definitely continue. To assist with social distancing, we will be introducing a queuing area by each toilet facility which will operate a one-in, one-out basis once a capacity is reached.
For increased sanitisation, we will be primarily restricting the use of our toilets to Stockvale customers. We do understand that general members of the public may wish to use our facilities, to which there will be an additional charge of 50p. A single-use ‘Toilet Ticket’ may be purchased from our ticket and wristband offices and then brought over to the toilets to be used. Stockvale customers and Annual Pass holders may use the facilities for free, providing they have a receipt from the day to hand. This receipt can be from any Stockvale business and for any item.
We will also be installing signage showing instructions on correct hand-washing.

COVID-19 specific training

All departments throughout the company, including the restaurants associated with it (Clarence Yard, Sands by the Sea, Three Shells, Feelgoods, The Britannia) and Sealife Adventure have completed extensive COVID-19 specific risk assessments to ensure that every possible aspect has been covered to keep our guests and staff safe. These risk assessments have been given to each and every member of staff to be studied, as well the staff being trained and signed off on the measures.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing guidelines are in place all around the park, including queuing areas, toilets, entrances and exits. To make this easier, there will be ground markings in queuing areas to encourage social distancing. Where there aren’t markings, be sure to keep a couple of steps away.
We will also maintain social distancing on the rides wherever we can, by leaving empty seats on the rides between those in their own ‘bubble’.
We will be using every other till at the ticket offices with queuing systems in place, allowing social distancing to be maintained.

Protective Screens

We are installing protective screens to limit staff and customer contact whilst completing transactions. Please note that we will still have to make contact when we fit your wristband. Our sales hosts will sanitise their hands between transactions.

Reducing transaction contact

Wherever possible, we are encouraging purchases to be made with contactless transactions. The contactless limit has been increased from £30 to £45 to encourage and assist with this. Please note, we have a mobile contactless (ApplePay, AndroidPay etc.) limit of £45. If the purchase amount is over £45, use chip & pin instead.
Whilst we are still accepting cash, please only pay with cash as a last resort.

Be Kind

Please remember that this situation can be stressful and we are all in this together. We want all our guests to feel happy and safe, so please respect other visitors and staff during your visit.